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    Life Story recording package

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    Can’t think of a unique birthday or Christmas gift? Or do you just want to preserve some of your favorite stories? The life story recording package is a way to preserve the stories of your friends, mentors, or loved ones. All you have to do is email me a list of stories that you want your loved one to tell on the recording.

    I will then call your loved one or friend on the phone and patch them into my studio and record them over the phone from the comfort of their home. The recording will last an hour and will be mixed and mastered and put on a flash drive and CD. Any additional flash drives or CDs will be additional cost.

    Tell the stories today so they can be told tomorrow!

  • Waterfowl

    Ryloh goose tube/turkey tube

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    The all new Ryloh goose tube, unlike most big bore goose tubes this 7/8ths bore goose tube has higher tones than your typical big bore goose tubes. It is also turned from Hickory or Maple with an oil and wax finish.  For the price it can’t be beat to finally try out calling with a goose tube. You can also get hen turkey sounds when you tighten and adjust the reed. It just takes practice! Please look up “RYLOH GOOSE TUBE’ on youtube for tutorial.

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    Ryloh woodie/coyote howler tube

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    The all new Ryloh woodie tube! After years of trying to develop a woodie call while striving to raise the standard. I developed the new Ryloh woodie tube call after falling down the rabbit hole of tube calls. When hearing some woodie tones I looked for a bore and design that could sound like a wood duck. When I blew the first notes not only did it sound like the most realistic woodie sound I have ever heard. Once I tightened the reed material I could also do AMAZING sounding coyote howler calls. Please look up “RYLOH WOODIE/HOWLER TUBE” for tutorial. Turned out of maple or hickory with a wax and oil finish For the price it can’t be beat!

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    Ryloh woodie/howler tube and goose tube/turkey tube bundle

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    This is a bundle with the new Ryloh Goose/turkey tube and the woodie/howler tube.  With both being released at the same time I wanted to give Ryloh customers the chance to get their hands on both of these new calls at a reduced price. Get both calls on your lanyards that you can use for multiple hunting seasons!

  • Buck Grunts

    Ryloh Workingman Buck Grunt

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    This buck grunt is hand turned from repurposed and kiln dried Indiana Oak with a copper band. When the rut is on, you want this call around your neck! This call has an adjustable reed with an o ring system. This call can be adjusted to sound like a fawn or an old mature buck. It also has a plastic tube that comes out the bottom so you can change the direction of where the sound comes from.

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    Buck Grunts

    The Ryloh Ol School Multi call

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    It can quack! It can honk and much more! This call is the newest version of the Ryloh Multi call. Made from American walnut with the all new Multi call features. The Ol school version feature the new metal reed Louisiana Hammerhead  Hybrid invented and developed by Riley Hendrixson.
    Please watch the YouTube tutorial Ryloh Metal Reed hybrid for more info.