Buck Grunts

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  • Buck Grunts

    Ryloh Workingman Buck Grunt

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    This buck grunt is hand turned from repurposed and kiln dried Indiana Oak with a copper band. When the rut is on, you want this call around your neck! This call has an adjustable reed with an o ring system. This call can be adjusted to sound like a fawn or an old mature buck. It also has a plastic tube that comes out the bottom so you can change the direction of where the sound comes from.

  • Buck Grunts

    The Ryloh Ol School Multi call

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    It can quack! It can honk and much more! This call is the newest version of the Ryloh Multi call. Made from American walnut with the all new Multi call features. The Ol school version feature the new metal reed Louisiana Hammerhead  Hybrid invented and developed by Riley Hendrixson.
    Please watch the YouTube tutorial Ryloh Metal Reed hybrid for more info.