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  • Ryloh Workingman Goose Call

    Ryloh Workingman Canadian Goose Call

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    This call was made from repurposed Oak, Walnut, Cherry and Maple. The guts in this call are brand new and waiting to broken in. This call is LOUD enough to bring the honkers down and pretty enough to hand down to your children’s children.

  • Ryloh Workingman Rabbit in Distress Call

    Ryloh Workingman Rabbit in Distress Call

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    This call is hand made from repurposed Indiana Oak. This call sounds like a rabbit that just got sucked into a snowblower after getting hit by a golf cart driven by a drunk Elvis impersonator. If you want the painful screams of an injured rabbit to bring in coyotes or fox running. Or something to drive your chai latte drinking moss farting tree hugging hippie neighbor nuts this is the call for you!

  • Ryloh Wood Duck Call

    Ryloh Workingman Wood Duck Call

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    This wood duck call is hand turned from Indiana Oak. This call makes the 4 nasally notes that are needed to reproduce the sounds of woods ducks. This is a call that is always needed on a duck hunters lanyard. If woodies are flying by this call will get their attention and it is easier to learn to use than a mallard hen call.